ince 2011, the Navy has been offering a new Designator (job) that is quite interesting…here’s some info taken from their  information page…

Cyber Warfare Engineer (CWE)
applicants must have a 4 year degree major in a cyber-related major, such as:

Computer Science
Computer Engineering
Computer Programming
Electrical Engineering
Electronics & Communications Engineering
Information Technology
or a related academic programs with different titles

Community Vision
CWE Officers use specific cyber warfare expertise to develop Computer Network Operations capabilities.

Mission Statement
Cyber Warfare Engineer (CWE) is a Restricted Line community within the Information Dominance Corps (IDC). CWE Officers have focused Computer Network Operations (CNO) knowledge, skills and abilities.

Guiding Principles
CNO Competency: CWE Officers employ a thorough understanding of the tenets of CNO, and know how to optimally use all CNO resources for “effects-based” cyber warfare. CWE Officers develop CNO capabilities that will deliver tactical, operational, and strategic advantages.

Leadership: Leadership is a core competency for all Naval Officers. CWE Officers must be engaged, seize the initiative, motivate people, effectively apply resources and execute the mission while taking care of Sailors.

Professional Expertise: CWE Officers require knowledge of computer science, engineering and technology as well as the human elements of adversaries’ use of cyberspace. CWE Officers will build this expertise through a combination of formal education and experience.

Career Path
CWE Officers serve in challenging billets that are designed to leverage their specific CNO expertise and develop capabilities and tools.

CWE Officers must serve at least six years on active duty from date of appointment.

Active duty service for CWE Officers terminates at the sixth anniversary of commissioning, upon which time they will be encouraged to compete for lateral transfer into another IDC community:

Information Warfare (1810)
Information Professional (1820),
or seek employment in a Department of Defense civilian capacity..

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